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Children at Waldringfield receive homework tasks from Year 1 to 6. These are given in the form of 'TAKEAWAY' homework. This means that children are given a menu of tasks to attempt over a half term period. These tasks are linked to the topics that are covered in each class.

Homework is voluntary and should be a fun way for children to embed their learning and express their understanding of the work done in class. Feedback is mainly given on a verbal basis and star awards are given at the teacher’s discretion.

Click below to view and download recent 'Takeaway' homework activities...

Hedgehogs Class - Reception and Year 1

No formal style homework is given in Hedgehogs class. However, parents are informed (through weekly newsletters) of the learning taking place at school and how they might like to support their child at home.

There are two class animals that are sent home with children each week...

- Phonics Elephant

- Maths Monkey

The children are encouraged to play games and write about their experiences in the books provided and return them to school to share with the class.

Squirrels Class - Year 2 and 3

Takeaway Homework - Squirrels Land Ahoy Summer 2 2017(2)

Badgers Class - Year 4 and 5

Takeaway Homework Blue Abyss Summer2 2017(2)

Owls Class - Year 6

Takeaway Homework - Owls Child's War Autumn 2017